I Want To Access The Utopos (Trailer)

Short Film feat Anna Bederke & Britta Thie

Jeep Renegade

Campaign Film / Digital, produced by Parasol Island

Adana Twins – Drive

Music Video commissioned by Adana Twins

Velour Modular – Forward

Music Video for Velour Modular

“Velour Modular’s brilliantly surreal video is a perfect fit for their brand of abstract electropop” THE GUARDIAN
“Forward is a barrage of images that form a completely surreal whole.“ INDEPENDENT CLAUSES

Ethel Vaughn: The Game of Things

Fashion short-film commissioned by German fashion label Ethel Vaughn

NOMINATED for best Fashion Film at Vimeo Awards 2012, WINNER best Cinematography at Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2012

“The movie is as strong and punchy as the brand.” BEN TROVATO
“This is a piece of cinema art. This makes you feel things.” THINK CONTRA
“The Game of Things is more of an experience than a video.” PORTABLE TV

Görtz – The Box

Commercial for GOERTZ

Film for Harzkristall Museum

Harzkristall Museumsfilm, Branded Documentary

Dervishes in Space – Montage

Montage of the three-part fashion-film-series „Dervishes in Space“

As seen on GoSee, Spiegel-Online & in over 250 blog-features:
“It’s glossy, far-out and very special!” TRENDLAND
“Eine unglaubliche Vielfalt von Effekten, ästhetischen und filmischen Lösungen, von denen viele für sich selbst genommen einen Modefilm
tragen könnten.” MODABOT
“Das perfekte Zusammenspiel von Bild und Musik überzeugt.” EVE WITHOUT ADAM
“Freakishly bizarre, yet so hypnotizing” THE SOCIAL CODE
“If only they all looked like this, then I think we’d be fighting for seats on the next NASA mission!” I SMELL A HAT

Esther Perbandt S/S 2012 – RE:FORMAT

Fashion Film commissioned by Esther Perbandt. Watch iPad-Version here and Director’s Extended Cut here

“Alienating mood and steel landscapes resulting in high impact visuals” VOGUE ITALIA
” FORMAT zeigt, wie man Kleidung auch fernab vom klassischen Laufsteg stilvoll und authentisch in Szene setzen kann.” DAILY IMPULSE
“If there’s one thing Germans know how to do, it’s creating abstract, cerebral, orderly, black-and-white imagery. Case in point, director
Cristian Straub’s epic fashion film for Berlin designer Esther Perbandt.” HINT MAG

The Rip

Portishead – The Rip


Short Film, shot on 35mm Agfa stock

Das Theater der Großstadt

Short Film, shot on 35mm Agfa stock